Archives: Sales Cloud’s CRM Platform Gets an AI Makeover – Destination CRM

In the marketing realm, “we’re actually working on taking Einstein Vision and incorporating it with our social listening product ( Social Studio ), so that every marketer can train” models on recognizing their logos and the logos of their competitors on … Read the source article at

LockerService and Lightning Container Component: Securely Using Third-Party Libraries in Lightning Components

Regardless of the language, framework, or platform you use, modern applications are built by assembling discrete and composable components. On the Salesforce platform, the application composition infrastructure is provided by the Lightning Component Framework. That’s how the Salesforce Apps (Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, etc) are built, and that’s also how you can extend and customize • Read More »

Hearsay Social for Salesforce

Hearsay Social for allows financial service customers to use the social capabilities in sales cloud, while giving their firm the needed visibility and archiving required. Read the source article at

Salesforce skills in high demand in 2017

Feature Salesforce skills in high demand in 2017 From developers to project managers to marketing, Salesforce has emerged as one of the hottest skills for IT and business professionals. Senior Writer, CIO | Feb 13, 2017 2:24 AM Martyn Williams CIO Career Coach: How to resign your executive position Want to land a better job • Read More »

#Salesforce’s Core Software Is Coming to Amazon’s Cloud Soon

Salesforce’s bread-and-butter software products, used by salespeople at Fortune 500 companies around the world, will be available from Amazon’s public cloud for the first time in a few months. Read the source article at

#Salesforce Delivers Second Annual State of Sales Report, Unveils Key Trends Driving the Future of Sales

Salesforce issued its Second Annual State of Sales research report, surveying more than 3,100 global sales leaders to identify the priorities, trends and technology key to today’s leading sales teams. The report found that sales teams are prioritizing customer experience, cross-team collaboration and artificial intelligence to optimize their sales performance. Read the source article at • Read More »

Nonprofits Are Creating Value With #Salesforce

More and more nonprofit organizations are using Salesforce to power their mission and create additional value for their constituents. The flexibility, openness and expansive ecosystem of the Salesforce platform allows customers to use the technology the way they want to use it. Read the source article at Cloud for Good