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What happened to the Great Tech Crash of 2016?

Three things that didn’t occur in 2016: Ryan Lochte and three other US Olympic swimmers weren’t robbed at gunpoint in Rio. Sadly, the heavily favored Golden State Warriors didn’t win a second consecutive NBA championship. And Alexander Hamilton wasn’t removed from the $10 bill. Read the source article at VentureBeat

The Most Compelling Marketing Topics of Dreamforce 2013The Most Compelling Marketing Topics of Dreamforce 2013

Today’s back to work essay is, What I Did on My Dreamforce 2013 Vacation. OK, Dreamforce wasn’t really a vacation. I was writing, working and walking over 30 miles in four days, but it was more fun than some family vacations I can remember. Even if you didn’t make it to San Francisco, you can • Read More »

3 Ways Dreamforce 2013 Will Affect Your Marketing Data

Athough Dreamforce is all about the human, face-to-face experience, there was still plenty of news on the data front, especially for marketers. Here are three insights.’s Andy MacMillan discussed increasing data quality during the keynote. The concept of a CRM system automatically updating and correcting data was the most important thing to come • Read More »

Three BI Trends Every CIO Must Understand

I spent some time with executive VP (and Business Objects founder) Alex Dayon discussing the intersection of BI and social networks, and I’ll use Google Correlate as an example of really big data–but first back to the Orlando Magic. Read the source article at