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In the marketing realm, “we’re actually working on taking Einstein Vision and incorporating it with our social listening product ( Social Studio ), so that every marketer can train” models on recognizing their logos and the logos of their competitors on … Read the source article at

Salesforce And Why This Is The Year Of ‘Einstein’

Salesforce And Why This Is The Year Of ‘Einstein’ Wayne Duggan Tweet Share According to DA Davidson analyst Jack Andrews, you don’t have to be a genius to see that, inc. (NYSE: CRM )’s 2017 will be all about Einstein. Einstein is Salesforce’s recently-launched artificial intelligence technology that is now integrated into the company’s • Read More »

How Salesforce AI aims to change everyday business

The Salesforce flavor of artificial intelligence, Einstein, is trying to bring practical productivity to everyday tasks, but can it prevail over long-standing competition? Read the source article at Salesforce news, tips and videos

#Salesforce Sets Its Sights on $20 Billion

When it comes to digital transformation, most companies don’t know what they don’t know. That could prove crucial for Salesforce, the San Francisco business software company led by Marc Benioff. Illustration by Garbett Design for Fortune . Read the source article at

Marc Benioff will not be Attending Trump’s Technology Roundtable

Recode’s Kara Swisher has assembled a thorough list of who was invited, and who will or won’t attend, President-elect Donald Trump’s planned “technology roundtable” this coming Wednesday, December 14th. The meeting, organized in part by Paypal co-founder and Trump backer Peter Thiel, was first reported last week. Read the source article at

Getting Customer Obsessed with @Bluewolf’s @EricBerridge

Eric Berridge, CEO of Bluewolf, an IBM Company, has a new book out called Customer Obsessed. I could not pass up an opportunity to read a book that looks at how organizations need to blend people, culture, and technology to create exceptional customer experiences.  Read the source article at Bluewolf Is Challenging for Software Supremacy

Salesforce has created a product portfolio that spans all of the key verticals in customer relationship management, delivered in a multitenant, public cloud environment that allows for rapid deployments, instant updates, and lower total cost of ownership for customers. Read the source article at