Archives: Google Maps’s CRM Platform Gets an AI Makeover – Destination CRM

In the marketing realm, “we’re actually working on taking Einstein Vision and incorporating it with our social listening product ( Social Studio ), so that every marketer can train” models on recognizing their logos and the logos of their competitors on … Read the source article at

Why Did Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff Pay $750 Million for a Small Startup?

Business Insider spoke to Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff to find out what exactly prompted him to spend so much money on Quip, a startup with only 45 employees.  His answer: Quip CEO Bret Taylor.  “It’s been my dream to work more closely with Bret Taylor.” Read the source article at Business Insider

Meet the 20 Tech Insiders Defining the 2016 Presidential Campaign

Nothing related to Salesforce but topical and many on the list you would not expect.  This is the election when Silicon Valley finally upstages the old 20th-­century power structure and seizes control of the political game. The post Meet the 20 Tech Insiders Defining the 2016 Campaign appeared first on WIRED . Read the source • Read More »

Presenting Vurb: All Your Apps, All Your Friends, All Together.

Vurb has been making waves since winning TechCrunch Disrupt in 2014 and being declared a “Best New App” by Apple and TIME. Now, backed by Redpoint Ventures, they’re poised to change mobile search and communications on a broad scale with integrated group chat on the iPhone and launching for the first time on Android. Marc • Read More »

Salesforce Spring 15 Release Notes Rapid Reaction

For the first time ever I’ve consumed the entire Salesforce Release notes in HTML and have not yet even downloaded the PDF. This means I can’t even tell you how many pages the Spring 15 release notes are as I normally do, all I can say is that once again we have a release that is jam • Read More »

Radical thoughts on the digital transformation of HR

My take is that technology is a large part of both the problem and the solution. The problem comes from the way that most enterprise HR applications merely reinforce and perpetuate those sclerotic, bureaucratic processes. They automate them, but without questioning why on earth any of it still needs to work that way anymore. Read • Read More »

The Key to Success at Dreamforce: The Dreamforce Mobile App!

A bigger and better Dreamforce means a bigger and better Dreamforce mobile app!  Creating a mobile app that lives up to the innovation and energy of Dreamforce is no easy feat but the new Dreamforce app will do just that.   Read the source article at

Vision-e Announces eMaps for Salesforce1, Available on’s

Vision-e today announced that its Salesforce mapping app is now compatible with the Salesforce1 Platform, the Customer Platform. In addition to being able to view any map that has been created with the user's web-based version of eMaps, Salesforce1 … Read the source article at Virtual

AppExchange Milestone: Geopointe Reaches 250 ReviewsAppExchange Milestone: Geopointe Reaches 250 Reviews

Last week Geopointe reached a very special milestone, that of receiving our 250th review on the Salesforce AppExchange. Most of our reviews are 5 star reviews, but we have had a few lower ones. We take each review very seriously, and always follow up with our customers to do whatever we can to improve their • Read More »