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Salesforce MVP of the Month: Leyna Hoffer

Apttus is thrilled to feature its twentieth installment of the Salesforce MVP of the Month program, in which we spotlight the exceptional leaders of the Salesforce Ecosystem that have lent us their expertise, knowledge, and ongoing contributions, ensuring both our individual improvements and the betterment of the platform as a whole. Read the source article • Read More »

Why All Community Managers are Improv Artists

Community management is gaining traction as communities are increasingly seen as a source of business value (we even have our own day now – happy CMAD, everyone!) In fact, active community management has been linked to significant increases in engagement and other benefits. While job descriptions vary greatly across communities, there are definitely some commonalities. • Read More »

Recap 2013 Salesforce MVP Summit

I’m sitting in the Atlanta airport on my redeye flight home trying to catch my breath from the excitement of the last 48 hours. I’m returning from the 2013 Salesforce MVP Summit and struggling to capture all of the thoughts and ideas swirling around in my head. Salesforce flew all 75 or so MVPs out • Read More »

How to Create a Successful Customer Community

As continues to grow, and its network of customers and partners expands, we’re always looking for new ways to connect and serve our community, build stronger ties and provide a greater level of service. In order to accomplish this task, Erica Kuhl, Director of Community at Salesforce, and her… Read the source article at • Read More »

4 Crowdsourced Lessons for Successful Customer Communities4 Crowdsourced Lessons for Successful Customer Communities

Maria Ogneva was one of the organizers of the Customer Community Twitter Chat Businesses today are seeking for more effective ways to connect with their customers, and customers are more likely to care about how this connection gets established. On June 13th, Trish Forant, Melanie Thompson and myself hosted our… Read the source article at • Read More »

The Cream Has Risen to the Top – Again!

It’s that time again to recognize a fresh new crop of Salesforce MVPs. This marks our 6th class of MVPs and the talent just keeps getting stronger and stronger. Not only do we have 14 brand new MVPs, we also have 32 that have been re-rewarded MVP status and will… Read the source article at • Read More »

My Top 3 Dreamforce X HighlightsMy Top 3 Dreamforce X Highlights

It’s been a week now since Dreamforce came to a close, and although that week has been somewhat on the crazy side as well, it’s been great to talk to friends about the experience, and I’ve been looking forward to sharing my personal highlights here. Read the source article at