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What the future of social media means for the brand strategies of Vice, BBC and Salesforce

Social media is constantly changing but unlike other marketing disciplines there’s no theory of everything that defines it. If marketers are to understand how to properly tie these communities together then there are five issues Vice, BBC and Salesforce outlined at We Are Social’s Think Forward event that brands must address. Read the source article • Read More »

Enterprise App Store Difference

Online app stores have exploded onto the technology scene over the last half a dozen years. More recently enterprise app stores have become a thing. As a result, millions of people download and install applications onto their mobile devices, laptops and desktop computers every day. Apple’s App Store is the largest and highest profile app store, but it • Read More »

The World’s Most Innovative Company? I Doubt ItThe World’s Most Innovative Company? I Doubt It once again tops Forbes list of the world’s most innovative companies – how come? Read the source article at

Enterprise Social Networks – Reject The Me-Too Players

Scores of companies have been promoting themselves as players in the enterprise social networking space of late, but they are not all created equal, with varying business models, approaches to the market and in some … Read the source article at TechWeekEurope UK