Archives: B2B’s CRM Platform Gets an AI Makeover – Destination CRM

In the marketing realm, “we’re actually working on taking Einstein Vision and incorporating it with our social listening product ( Social Studio ), so that every marketer can train” models on recognizing their logos and the logos of their competitors on … Read the source article at

Wave for B2B Marketing: Advanced Marketing Analytics

Get It Now App by Salesforce Labs Wave for B2B Marketing is advanced analytics for the data-driven marketer. This app allows you to easily explore your data, get insights into your marketing performance, and quickly take data-driven actions. Read the source article at

#Salesforce on What it Means to Provide a Clean Cloud to Customers

When Patrick Flynn, director of sustainability at Salesforce is asked what he is most proud of, he doesn’t hesitate: “Our goal in bringing 100% renewable electricity to all our global operations.  We signed two wind deals last year and [we’ve set an example by] not directly consuming energy ourselves…” Read the source article at

Oracle, #Salesforce, Microsoft & Pega Top @Forrester’s Wave for Enterprise CRM Suites

Forrester analyst Kate Leggett doesn’t hold back in her latest assessment of enterprise-grade customer relationship management (CRM) suites. She calls out large CRM vendors for offering “broader and deeper capabilities that bloat their footprints and increase their complexity with features that many users can’t leverage” Read the source article at

Virgin Atlantic finds community benefit with Salesforce

Virgin Atlantic Airlines has found an agility benefit to using customer relationship management technology from Salesforce. But Spencer Collins, head of global sales effectiveness at Virgin Atlantic, says the value it has found with the cloud-based platform goes beyond the product itself. Read the source article at

The State of Marketing Technology, in 12 Charts #MarTech

When Salesforce flirted with acquiring Twitter over the last month, marketing technology (martech, for short) suddenly found itself in the spotlight.  People suddenly wanted to understand the complex world of martech. Martech is everywhere.  Read the source article at Contently

How #Salesforce Snagged the ‘Einstein’ Image Brand

While the future-looking machine learning technology has been in the works for years and was built by hundreds of data scientists, Salesforce’s AI tool actually takes a branding lesson from the past—specifically, from Albert Einstein. Read the source article at

What happened to the Great Tech Crash of 2016?

Three things that didn’t occur in 2016: Ryan Lochte and three other US Olympic swimmers weren’t robbed at gunpoint in Rio. Sadly, the heavily favored Golden State Warriors didn’t win a second consecutive NBA championship. And Alexander Hamilton wasn’t removed from the $10 bill. Read the source article at VentureBeat