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Marc Benioff will not be Attending Trump’s Technology Roundtable

Recode’s Kara Swisher has assembled a thorough list of who was invited, and who will or won’t attend, President-elect Donald Trump’s planned “technology roundtable” this coming Wednesday, December 14th. The meeting, organized in part by Paypal co-founder and Trump backer Peter Thiel, was first reported last week. Read the source article at

Why Have Thousands of Companies Selected #Salesforce?

In the course of my nearly 20-year career I’ve collaborated with 1000s of customers making a CRM vendor selection, many involving Salesforce. Customers would often boil it down to two questions: “Salesforce is a higher price. Is it worth it?” “Why do customers pay a premium?” Read the source article at

Counterpoint to AI: It May Not be a Good Thing

A few days ago, the White House office of the science and technology policy released a report on Artificial Intelligence (AI).  Developing and giving humans tools, such as artificial intelligence, whose consequences they cannot comprehend may not be a good thing to do. Read the source article at Livemint

Salesforce’s Benioff Ready to Sell Skeptics on Twitter Acquisition

The technology world has been abuzz over Salesforce’s interest in Twitter.  Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, acknowledges a purchase of Twitter may seem like a mismatch, given that Salesforce sells software to businesses while Twitter is a consumer-technology company. But it is not unusual for Benioff to go against the grain. Read the source article • Read More »

Salesforce Is Questioning Microsoft-LinkedIn Deal in Europe

Salesforce has raised concerns with Europe’s antitrust authorities about the potential takeover, according to three people with knowledge of the matter, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss it publicly. Read the source article at The New York Times

Demandware is Now the Salesforce Commerce Cloud

The official unveiling of the new Commerce Cloud is taking place this week at in Dallas, and will continue next week at Dreamforce, where Salesforce Commerce Cloud will be introduced to the Salesforce community via a keynote presentation on October 6th, 1:00pm in Moscone West. Read the source article at