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Why Have Thousands of Companies Selected #Salesforce?

In the course of my nearly 20-year career I’ve collaborated with 1000s of customers making a CRM vendor selection, many involving Salesforce. Customers would often boil it down to two questions: “Salesforce is a higher price. Is it worth it?” “Why do customers pay a premium?” Read the source article at

Top 10 Most Popular AppExchange Apps

The AppExchange is a magical place, just by having a quick browse once in awhile, you can potentially save your company $1000’s worth of time or resources with a free App. Of course the AppExchange has a lot more than just free Apps, it has complete end to end solutions that you can run entire • Read More »

How to Meet Business Needs with Salesforce AppExchange

For a CRM platform to serve business needs, it should be flexible. How does Microsoft stack up against Salesforce when it comes to building on top of the platform? One expert weighs in, here. Read the source article at Salesforce news, tips and videos

Demystifying the Numbers behind’s AppExchange

Endless material has been published about how to list on the AppExchange and around native apps, Salesforce 1 ready apps, lightning ready apps, managed packages etc. All hugely important, but I’m not diving into the weeds here. The AppExchange has just flown past a much more important milestone than it’s 10th birthday. 3.5 million app • Read More »

Salesforce Spring 16 Release Rapid Reaction

I continue to enjoy consuming the Salesforce release notes via the web / HTML version. I still have not yet even downloaded the PDF. While I don’t know exactly how many pages this release is I can say that once again we have a release that is jam packed with Lightning Experience features. I personally tried • Read More »

Apttus Raises $108M in Series C Funding Round

SAN MATEO, Calif., Sept. 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Apttus, the Quote-to-Cash solution provider, today announced it has raised $108 million in a Series C funding round. Investors in this round include Iconiq Capital, K1 Capital, KIA and Salesforce Ventures. This investment follows a $37M Series A round in September 2013 and a $41M Series B round • Read More »

Build Enterprise Software with the Salesforce Agile Accelerator

In today’s enterprises, software development speed, collaboration and flexibility are keys to success. To practice agile at scale, Salesforce built a rich toolset on that consolidated scrum, QA, and bug tracking into a single, visual interface. Due to tremendous demand, we’ve made this software available to our customers by way of the Salesforce Agile • Read More »

Enterprise App Store Difference

Online app stores have exploded onto the technology scene over the last half a dozen years. More recently enterprise app stores have become a thing. As a result, millions of people download and install applications onto their mobile devices, laptops and desktop computers every day. Apple’s App Store is the largest and highest profile app store, but it • Read More »