My Entrepreneurial Journey: How I Started AllSalesforce

I remember a great post from then Apttus CMO and now Chief Revenue Officer Kamal Ahluwalia that talked about one entrepreneur’s path to Startup Success. It read: “When we started Apttus, we were motivated in large part by a simple, but at the time seemingly revolutionary idea – that enterprise software should deliver on its promises and make customers successful, rapidly. When we saw Salesforce’s original logo, with a big, brash red line through the word “software,” we knew we had found a like-minded company.”

For many of us in the Apttus and Salesforce communities, we know the exact emotion that Kamal captured in his post. It’s connecting with like-minded people that inspire us and motivate us to more. I had a similar founder’s experience and rereading his post made me want to share (for the first time anywhere), my personal journey with what I considered a “seemingly revolutionary idea” that lead me here. I hope you enjoy.

Read the source article at APTTUS

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